"BIRD" Theatre Festival TOTTORI 11

Forging the Swords


BIRD Theatre Company TOTTORI [From Torrori, Japan]

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Forging the Swords


BIRD Theatre Company TOTTORI [From Torrori, Japan]

What is the power of theatre? What is focused on is different depending on a work, but there is something that will never change; How much theatre stimulates the imaginations of the audience and how excited the audience becomes. These are the most important things. This piece of work is full of the power of theatre in the development of the ridiculous and fantastic story.

Originally Written by Lu Xun

Composed and Directed by NAKASHIMA Makoto

Performed by SAITO Yoriaki, NAKAGAWA Rena, AKABANE Saburo, MURAKAMI Satomi, TAKAHASHI Hitoshi,

“Forging the Swords” was originally written by Lu Xun based on several ancient Chinese stories. It is a Chinese style fantasy which includes the criticism on the old regime and strong determination against the reform. This story will be directed as the outer frame to reflect the way that the story has been told throughout the people’s lives and plumped up through their own imaginations. In this context, the bizarre story will be performed in a dynamic way.


The sixteen year boy Mei Chien Chih’s father was killed by the brutal king. The mysterious dark man and blue swords of the boy’s father lead the boy to fight with the king to avenge his father. However, strangely enough, the fight takes place in a huge cauldron. And stranger, the fight is between the two heads. Mei Chien Chih fights as hard as he can. Then, the dark man cuts his own head and joins the boy to support. Finally, he has avenged his father’s death but…

Lu Xun

1881- 1936. A Chinese literary man and philosopher. He studied in Japan. After returning to China, he joined a revolutionary movement. In a while, he devoted himself to studies. In 1918, he published “A Madman’s Diary” in his name “Lu Xun”. Since then, he had published numbers of novels and books of his miscellaneous thoughts such as “The True Story of Ah Q”. In 1930, he joined the League of Left-Wing Writers. He made a great achievement in terms of the translation, studies of literary history and the like. “Forging the Sword” is one of the stories from a collection of stories called “Old Tales Retold”.

Date & Time

  • Thursday, 6 September, 7pm
  • Friday, 7 September, 7pm
  • Saturday, 8 September, 6pm
  • Sunday, 9 September, 6pm

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BIRD Theatre [Theatre]


  • Adults: 2,500yen
  • Under 18: 500yen
  • Elementary School Kids and under: Free

Grant: Subsidies for the Promotion of Cultural and Art Activities (as part of the Promotion Project for the Reinforcement
of Theatres and Music Halls) by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs

Japan Arts Council


[ The Period of The Festival ] Thursday, 6 - Sunday, 23 September, 2018

  • BIRD Theatre (The Main Venue: 1812-1, Shikano, Shikano Town, Shikano City)
  • Shikano Traffic Interchange Hall "Child Village Dream"
  • The Kurubiya Theatre
  • The Katsuya Gymnasium
  • Tottori Prefecture & BIRD Theatre Management Committee
  • Tottori Prefecture,
  • Tottori City,
  • The Non Profit Organization BIRD Theatre Company TOTTORI
  • The Non Profit Organization "The Council for Area Development and Management of Insyu Shikano",
  • Tottori University Art Center
  • The Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2018,
  • Tottori Prefecture,
  • Tottori Prefecture & BIRD Theatre Management Committee Grant
  • Tottori Prefecture Board of Education,
  • Tottori City Board of Education,
  • U.S. Consulates General Osaka,
  • Shinnihonkai Shinbunsya,
  • The Asahi Shinbun Company Tottori Head Office,
  • The San-in Chuo Shimpo Newspaper Co.,Ltd,
  • Mainichi Shinbun Tottori Branch Office,
  • The Yomiuri Shinbun Torroti Branch Office,
  • The Sankei Shinbun Tottori Branch,
  • Nikkei Inc. Tottori Branch Office,
  • Chugoku Shinbun Tottori Branch Office,
  • NHK Tottori,
  • Broadcasting System of San-in Inc.,
  • San-in Chuo Television Broadcasting Co.,
  • Ltd., Kyodo News Tottori Branch Office,
  • Jiji Press Ltd. Tottori Branch Office,
  • Nihonkai Cable Network, Inc.,
  • Radio Bird

[ Programme Director ] NAKASHIMA Makoto (Director /Artistic Director of the BIRD Theatre Company TOTTORI)