Things Born Out of “Romeo and Juliet”

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JIYU Gekijo-Freedom Theatre
[from Tottori, Japan]

People with disabilities and people without disabilities. There is often an invisible line drawn to separate them. However, such a line and barriers are completely meaningless. We make theatre together, show our existence through theatre, and talk about our wishes and inconveniences in our own words. Furthermore, as people living in the same time and place, we share the pain and joy of life, getting the audience involved. That is what the JIYU Gekijo-Freedom Theatre is. This year’s production will focus on the theme of “love” and “discrimination”, using the timeless classic Romeo and Juliet as the basis for a new 2021 production that will go off on a tangent and explore the essence of the matter. We hope you will take the time to enjoy the diverse richness and uniqueness of each individual hidden behind the label of “disability”.

Based on Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Conceived and Directed by NAKASHIMA Makoto, SAITO Yoriaki

Performed by JIYU Gekijo-Freedom Theatre

(ISHI Yuumi, ITANI Yuuta, ITANI Norito, KITAMURA Mina, KUNIOKA Yukari, SHIMADA Hikaru, DAIKOKU Megumi, NISHIGAKI Nobuko, MISHIMA Shino, MITANI Ayaka, MIYOSHI Mahirou, MURAKAMI Akemi, YAMAMOTO Eiko, WADA Naoya, SAITO Yoriaki, TAKAHASHI Hitoshi, GOTO Shiori)

Stage Design by NAKASHIMA Makoto

Stage director: MITSU Hisashi

Lighting Operation by INAKA Masahiro

Sound Design by DAIKOKU Hironori (oharakikaku)

Costume Design by YASUDA Maya

Composed by ITANI Yuuta

English Subtitle Translation by MASUKAWA Tomoko

Date & Time

  • Saturday, 11 September, 13:30
  • Sunday, 12 September, 13:30


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BIRD Theatre [Theatre]


Adults: 1,500yen

Under 18: Free

【 Host 】BIRD Theatre Management Committee

【 Cooperation 】Tottori Prefecture

【 Grant 】文化庁 The Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2021