Picnic on the Battlefield

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Produced by “BIRD” Theatre Festival TOTTORI 14

Spanish playwright Arrabal published this play in 1961. It tells the story of two down-home soldiers and a couple spending an afternoon on the battlefield. Through theatrical simplicity, symbolism, and festivity, the play reveals an unrealistic comicalness and cruelty. The characters are sometimes excessively simple-hearted, and sometimes violent. Moving back and forth between two human natures: “born good” and “born evil”, the play cool-heartedly highlights what humans really are today. The play is based on the turmoil in Spain under the rule of the dictator General Franco, which continued after the Second World War. Although the play draws a specific local situation sixty years ago, it deeply captures the true nature of war and humanity and gives the audience a fresh shiver.

Written by Fernando Arrabal

Directed by NAKASHIMA Makoto

Performed by TAKAHASHI Hitoshi, NAKAGAKI Naohisa, GOTO Shiori, HORI Yuki (from DULL-COLORED POP), SAITO Yukari, SHIMOJI Moto

Stage Design by KAMIIKE Takuya

Stage director: NAKAI Hiroo (Stage work URAK)

Lighting Operation by SAEGUSA Atsushi

Sound Design by HARA Nobuhiro (oharakikaku)

Costume Design by YASUDA Maya

Creating both Japanese and English Subtitles by MASUKAWA Tomoko

Date & Time

  • Saturday, 18 September, 18:30
    Sunday, 19 September, 18:30


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Open Air Theatre


Adults: 2,500 yen

Under 18: 500 yen

Elementary School Kids and under: Free

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