Antigone by B.Brecht

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BIRD Theatre Company TOTTORI
[from Tottori, Japan]

Sophocles’ masterpiece from the 5th century BC, Antigone, depicts the clash between the choices made by those in power at the time and the universal ethics of humanity over the burial of the dead. Across the ages, this story continues to pose great questions to contemporary society. With this in mind, Brecht critically examined the relationship between Hitler and the German people during the Second World War and wrote this play. This performance is a play-within-a-play that will take place in a cultural festival at a luxury nursing home called “Nippon”. In addition, it will attempt to bring up a critical discussion to compare with the situation in contemporary Japan. These elderly people in the play take it for granted that they can live out the rest of their lives as they wish with the wealth they have once amassed. Will they be able to survive?

Based on Antigone by B.Brecht

Translated by TANIGAWA Michiko

Conceived and Directed by NAKASHIMA Makoto

Performed by SAITO Yoriaki, NAKAGAWA Rena, TAKAHASHI Hitoshi, NAKAGAKI Naohisa, YASUDA Maya, GOTO Shiori, OOKAWA Junko

Stage Design by NAKASHIMA Makoto

Stage director: NAKAI Hiroo (Stage work URAK)

Lighting Design by OSAKO Koji

Sound Design by HARA Nobuhiro (oharakikaku)

Large Props Created by Nagao Co., Ltd.

Costume Designed and Made by LEE JIN HEE

Costume Assistant: YASUDA Maya, KIRI

Original Music in the Play: “Lamentation of Antigone”

Composed by TAKENAKA Atsuhiko

Performed by TAKENAKA Atsuhiko, NISHIO Etsuko

English Subtitle Supervision by Thomas Royce - Hampton

Date & Time

  • Saturday, 11 September, 18:30
  • Sunday, 12 September, 18:30


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Open Air Theatre


Adults: 2,500 yen

Under 18: 500 yen

Elementary School Kids and under: Free

Source:Antigone by Brecht, Japanese Translation by TANIGAWA Michiko, Kobunsha New Translations of Classics Library.