Booking A Ticket

The bookings will start at 10am on Wednesday, 1 August.

You can book a ticket for each programme either online on this website, via phone or email.

"BIRD Theatre Festival" Booking Contact is as follows.

You can select the date and time when you book a ticket. Open seating only.

Please book your ticket a day before each program.

Free programmes require bookings too.

Each ticket has a reference number which will be served in order of booking. (We will inform you when to enter the theatre by calling a reference number in order. There’s no reserved seat. )

Please pay for your ticket fees on the day of the performance in reception of each venue.

Note: Tickets sold on the day are available an hour before the performance. You can buy them in reception of each venue.

Note: We may not admit pre-school children on certain occasions. Babysitting is available. (please ensure to book for babysitting as babysitters as based on the number of bookings. )

[ The Period of The Festival ] Thursday, 6 - Sunday, 23 September, 2018

  • BIRD Theatre (The Main Venue: 1812-1, Shikano, Shikano Town, Shikano City)
  • Shikano Traffic Interchange Hall "Child Village Dream"
  • The Kurubiya Theatre
  • The Katsuya Gymnasium
  • Tottori Prefecture & BIRD Theatre Management Committee
  • Tottori Prefecture,
  • Tottori City,
  • The Non Profit Organization BIRD Theatre Company TOTTORI
  • The Non Profit Organization "The Council for Area Development and Management of Insyu Shikano",
  • Tottori University Art Center
  • The Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2018,
  • Tottori Prefecture,
  • Tottori Prefecture & BIRD Theatre Management Committee Grant
  • Tottori Prefecture Board of Education,
  • Tottori City Board of Education,
  • U.S. Consulates General Osaka,
  • Shinnihonkai Shinbunsya,
  • The Asahi Shinbun Company Tottori Head Office,
  • The San-in Chuo Shimpo Newspaper Co.,Ltd,
  • Mainichi Shinbun Tottori Branch Office,
  • The Yomiuri Shinbun Torroti Branch Office,
  • The Sankei Shinbun Tottori Branch,
  • Nikkei Inc. Tottori Branch Office,
  • Chugoku Shinbun Tottori Branch Office,
  • NHK Tottori,
  • Broadcasting System of San-in Inc.,
  • San-in Chuo Television Broadcasting Co.,
  • Ltd., Kyodo News Tottori Branch Office,
  • Jiji Press Ltd. Tottori Branch Office,
  • Nihonkai Cable Network, Inc.,
  • Radio Bird

[ Programme Director ] NAKASHIMA Makoto (Director /Artistic Director of the BIRD Theatre Company TOTTORI)